I apologize for the huge blank blog.

My life has been so strange lately. I was in the last leg of nursing school, and I just finished up. As soon as I ace my NCLEX exam, I am officially an RN.

I’m starting up a new, 10 gallon tank. If anyone wants to help me plan this little tank, I would surely appreciate it!

I am now completely in love with my baby fish that i was tryin to sell. they are GORgeous.
Anyway my new tank is not turning out the way i had planned. ah well. maybe it will improve.

If you own a Stealth heater, they are being recalled!

Here are the numbers and such for the affected models.


I finally bought Maracyn Two for the fish.

THe symptoms are vague- some fish demonstrate Columnaris symptoms, some show septicemia, some show dropsy. I figured that all meant it was likely an internal infection.

Coppersafe concurrent.

The best side view possible. My tank is jammed into a tiny little space :P

But in this, you can see my “hospital” tank in the back. It’s the little curvy tank. What you see is truly all there is to see- brown-ness with one brightly-colored fish, and several see-through guppies. There is one filter that is stifled- it’s a 10g filter, but it’s a 5g tank. So it’s blocked a little to slow the flow for the sick fish.

Blue’s kinda a cam-whore.

I know it’s fuzzy. Big Blue was trying to hog the camera.

My “new” tank, side view.


As soon as my camera connects :)

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